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Staci Burk has fuzzy FOIA memory lapse

Mark Twain once said “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”.

It seems like Staci Burk has to remember a lot lately.

12 News ran a story called Taking sides on the Gilbert school board. Please watch the story HERE if you missed it.

We recommend watching the entire video as it is only 3 minutes and 47 seconds long. If you want to get to what Staci had to say start at the 2 minute and 43 second mark.

The story states that Burk is a symbol of the change in “thought leadership” with sweeping requests for documents from her own school district.

Staci Burk – “I don’t think I’ve made any requests in the last …um…probably couple of years.”

12 News Reporter – “Did you ask for all of Jack Keegan’s emails?”

Staci Burk – Pause (quick thinking)…”Um…oh yea actually I did.”

Staci Burk – “I guess if a parent tells me I should go see this particular email…it..that was the reason”

She forgot, until reminded by the 12 news reporter, that she requested 6 months of emails to and from the former Superintendent Jack Keegan who quit in March 2014.

She forgot, then she remembered.

The news 12 story stated Julia Smock who is an attorney and former Peoria School Board member says Staci Burk could be on shaky legal ground and said “You need to let someone else do that. It would be like a judge investigating a case that is before him”

Staci has been busy.  Our article titled FOIA the #GilbertSchools FOIA (its a FOIA Extravaganza) points out the increasing number of document requests and we now know Staci is an active participant.

The dates are out of order within the PDF document but take a look:

Staci Burk FOIA Requests

Staci forgot about the last two years of FOIA requests:

In 2014 Staci requested documents on 1/21, 1/23, 1/26, 2/7, and 2/18.

In 2013 Staci requested documents on 3/25, 4/16, 5/31, 6/1, 6/30, and 8/11.

In 2012 Staci requested documents on 5/31, 8/1, 8/10, 8/21, 10/12, 10/15, and 12/30.

FOIA requests for hundreds or thousands of pages of documents.

Now ask yourself could any one of us could have “forgotten” about this beehive of activity?

Staci Burk – “I don’t think I’ve made any requests in the last …um…probably couple of years.”

Did Staci Burk forget or is she not telling the truth?

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  1. Ms. Burk has an aversion for the truth. So, yes, Mr. Colvin, “Staci needs no introduction, you know exactly where she stands” (See GPSBO article: Daryl Colvin: Talks up #GilbertSchools Clean-up and #Positively endorsed Staci Burk and Ron Bellus (or maybe not really) dated April 14, 2014) For those of us mindful of the issues, we are taking a pass at what you consider to be principled leaders. Here is the truth; we are fed up with the falsehoods perpetuated by her. We are also cognizant of the thousand of tax payer dollars wasted all the while on this mission to tarnish the name and reputation of the Gilbert School District. What is also clear that in an attempt to gain public sympathy; she has taken many conversations off-line. She discusses topics that she is not at liberty to disclose, not because they are heinous, but because it is ILLEGAL. Evidently, the records she requested on August 16, 2011, “Questions regarding Open Meeting Law and posting of quorum with discussions and without discussion of district business.” She did not read or retain herself. Did she give them to someone else? Perhaps to the 18 “Supporters of Gilbert” that she sent her infamous email to. I am still waiting to have those people identified, but in direct contrast to transparency, that has not been shared. I have asked and invited in the Open Call portion of the Governing Board for those people to come forward, none have. Can’t say I am surprised.

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